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Nate Mullins


Thank you for considering 3:23 Composites as your source for high quality composite aircraft services. As a Rutan follower and canard builder, I know the pride one feels when year after year, they put their best efforts into building their own personal aircraft. I can now say, that after more than 5,000 hrs of work on my own personal Long-Ez, there is no greater pleasure than knowing every single task involved was done with excellence. 323 Composites was founded on the principle that in aviation, there is no room for compromise.    

~Colossians 3:23~

Why 3:23 Composites?

Canard aircraft – They are, and have always been, the best flying airplanes on planet earth. But have you ever gone to a fly-in and seen a line up of gorgeous RV’s and then a bunch of canards that look like they were made by preschoolers? Why is that? Everyone knows how long it takes to construct a plans built aircraft that was designed in the 197o’s. Add to that, only a few are willing to spend often a decade or more to finish it perfectly. 3:23 Composites is a NO compromise company that uses nothing but the highest quality, Rutan approved materials. There are ways to build a canard “cheaply”, and then there are ways to do it RIGHT. If you want precision and quality, then give us a call. Welcome to 3:23 Composites.